Elliott Patrick

A little white lie ...
Lying is like a tiny spring,
A little fib so small it won’t hurt anything.
From there it flows into a wider creek,
Another lie like a sneak thief.
Then it goes into a bigger stream,
bigger then it was meant to be.
It then enters a river’s rush,
We never knew it could hurt so much.
Finally is swallowed by an ocean swell,
All of this from the little lies we tell .

Friday, April 17, 2009
I have a greedy need for silence, not with empty sound just distance from the yakking of ignorance. I search for others to rip open their hearts and tell what reality is, away from the delusional sharks. Let go of the hidden destruction that keeps us apart. The more that I investigate this, it must be the self that I have to extinguish.
Deep inside my mind a crazy man hides and wants to go nuts, but he’s handcuffed.
He wants to get naked and paint himself red, be bad and eat crackers in bed.
He wants to scream at the world, raise up the cruel and disturbed, ask them what brought them there, in this misunderstood world we share.
Why we are not smart enough to get rid of this neurotic stuff, this crazy part of me seems to be the sanest part of my reality.
my mind is as open as a saloon door.
With steps leading up from years of wear a grove
has been worn.
My heart is a furnace a fire rages in,
held by cast iron that generates heat,
and keeps warm no matter enemy or friend.
My imagination flows from the ink of my pen,
explaining and exposing to the world who I am.
Little things that bother me, are vanishing disappearing.
not saying they don’t still come,
its their existence and how long they stay in my mind, Is up to the emotions I assign. Will it be the disgust or hate with all the turmoil and dead weight, or will is simply be aggravated annoyance?

I hear ghosts from the past whisper to me,
the more you give of yourself
the more you’ll find true prosperity.
So I capture my killer and found it was me,
and surrendered my selfishness
and gave light to the path to liberate me.
Fire and ice, water and steam, stars in the sky, in blackness we dream. A candlelight flickering with no wind, a kiss on her neck with the moon glowing in.
Legs intertwined contorted position, with perfectly design and passionate kisses, interlaced with movement that seem impossible to hold.
Fire, water, earth, air all embraced, a night shared with a lover then exhausted peacefulness takes place.
May we
May we all become Lamas, Arhart’s or Buddha’s except the ones who don’t want to be.
May we all stop suffering and come to this understanding.
May we all have compassion for the ones who are in pain and the wisdom to realize that Karma with cause and conditions are the drivers of that train.
May we all know the silence of a peaceful mind.
Learn to control our emotions and a better life we’ll find.
I see the Buddha in the clouds, the rain, the sun and the wind.
I see the Buddha in the dark, in peaceful beauty and in the teeth of a shark.
I see Milarepa in every two sided comments I’ve ever heard, then it turns into a firery raging bird.
I see Padmasambhava in each wisdom word ever spoken, a man that could calm the turmoil of a hurricane with the power his words would evoke.
João Alfaro

Neste passeio pelos cantos da casa, as cores e as formas dos objectos jogam entre si num bailado estético em que a substância de cada um se dilui. O que se destaca é, em primeiro lugar, o impacto formal e depois, se vontade houver, a descodificação de cada peça. Um livro exige tempo e interesse pelo seu conteúdo; uma pintura aparentemente é de fácil leitura, embora esconda muitas interpretações que, só são legíveis, se se olhar com olhos de ver. É pois neste intercâmbio de olhares, contemplações e diálogos que vivo da arte e com a arte. História da Minha Pintura.


On this tour around the corners of the house, the colours and the shapes of the objects play with each other in an aesthetic dance in which the substance of each dilutes. What stands out is, first of all, the impact of the form and then, if the will exists, the decoding of each piece. A book takes time and interest in its content; a painting is apparently easy to read, though it hides many interpretations that are only readable if you look with ‘seeing eyes’. And it is in this exchange of glances, contemplations and dialogues that I live from the art and with the art. History of My Painting.
Joaquim Alves

Nasceu no Paúl, uma grande aldeia à época do pós-guerra II, Concelho da Covilhã, lado sul da Serra de Estrela.
Depois de ali ter crescido até ao metro e trinta, viveu em Faro, em Almada e em Lisboa, antes de Santo António dos Cavaleiros, Lisboa de novo, Barreiro, novamente Paúl e Lisboa trivez.
Mais tarde, ingressou no mundo da publicidade, onde permaneceu mais de vinte anos.
De um dia para o outro, tudo mudou.
Dedicou-se a pintar paredes, papéis, telas e tábuas, sem leis.
Tenta organizar um monte de papéis, manuscritos com palavras da memória, das musas vagas e das ondas do Atlântico que, por vezes, é mais verde que azul, e traiçoeiro. E, também, a montanha de pinturelas, com tinta entornada ao longo de mais de duas dezenas de anos.
Trocado por cêntimos: anda às aranhas, como quase toda a gente, nesta mundaneidade cada vez mais medíocre, estúpida, e caduca, à espera que alguém lhe dê a estocada final, sem que coragem exista para esse final feliz.
Portanto, nesta vida adiada que nem procria, vivam as artes, que não servem para comer, como a seguir se comprova.


Was born in Paúl, a large village at the time of the post-war II, on Covilhã County, on the southern side of the Serra da Estrela.
After growing up there to one and a half meters, he has lived in Faro, in Almada en in Lisbon,before Santo António dos Cavaleiros, Lisbon again, Barreiro, again Paúl and Lisbon for a third time.
Later, he joined the advertising world, where he remained for more than twenty years.
All of a sudden, everything changed.
He devoted himself to painting walls, papers, canvas and boards, without laws.
He attempts to organize a bunch of papers, manuscripts with words of the memory, of the vacant muses and the waves of the Atlantic which is, sometimes, more green than blue, and treacherous. And also the mountain of ‘pinturelas’ (painting like) in ink spilled over more than two decades.
Exchanged for a few cents: walks without course, like almost everyone in this mundane world, increasingly poor, stupid, and lapsed, waiting someone will give him the final thrust, without the courage for that happy ending.
Therefore, in this postponed life that doesn’t procreate, bless the arts, which are not edible, as demonstrated below:

Carlos Barradas

Pedro Boaventura

Desde a adolescencia que sempre tive um grande interesse pelas artes plásticas, mas como pensei que isso não seria futuro para ninguém, (e depois de ter desistido de seguir Arquitectura), acabei por tirar um curso de Imagem, que apesar de saber que também poderia não ter grande futuro, sempre parecia uma coisa mais séria.
Frequentei o curso de Imagem e comunicação Audio-Visual da Escola de Artes Decorativas António Arroio durante três anos. Posteriormente tirei dois cursos de desenho com um ano de duração cada.
Depois de uma grande panoplia de cargos e funções mais ou menos relevantes no mundo audiovisual, Televisão e Publicidade (Mistura e Controlo de Imagem, Direcção de Fotografia, Realização, Chefias técnicas, coordenação de projectos e equipas), volto, cada vez mais, a dar toda a prioridade à pintura e às artes em geral, em detrimento da carreira profissional.
Agora cheguei a conclusão que sempre estava certo na adolescencia, devia ter seguido as artes, afinal os riscos foram semelhantes. A satisfação profissional seria muito maior. Criar é das experiencias mais gratificantes que tenho.
Por isso me dedico mais e mais a elas, e quero passar a viver cada vez mais disso em busca do tempo perdido, porque o resto é de facto tempo perdido, apenas para consumo imediato.
Cada vez dou uma maior importância a Arte.
Posso viver sem muita coisa…
Mas sem Arte...Não!

Pedro Boaventura
Lisboa, Portugal
Web site : http://www.boaventura.com.pt
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/Pedro.Boaventura.ART

I have had a great interest in the plastic arts since my adolescence, but I thought there would be no future in it for anyone. After giving up Architecture I ended up studying Image, which seemed to be something much more serious, despite the fact that I knew there wouldn’t be much future in it either.
I have attended a Course in Image and Audio-Visual Comunication at the Decorative Arts School Antonio Arroio for a period of three years. After that, I have frequented two Drawing courses with the duration of one year each.
After a great panoply of functions and positions more or less relevant in the audiovisual world, Television and Publicity (Image Mixture and Control, Direction of Photography, Technical Management, as well as coordination of teams and projects), I find myself giving full priority to painting and arts in general, even though in detriment of my professional career.
Nowadays, I came to the conclusion that I was right as an adolescent, and I should have followed arts, after all the risks were similar.
That is why I dedicate myself more and more to the arts these days, and I wish to spend my life in search of that lost time, because in reality the rest is lost time, only for immediate consumption.
As time goes by, I give more and more importance to Art.
I can live without many things, but not without Art!
Rianne de Boer

Toen ik een paar jaar geleden begon om regelmatig foto's te maken ontdekte ik al snel dat ik het fijn vond om schoonheid te "verzamelen".
Ik kon me uren vermaken met het bekijken van mijn mooiste foto's.
En toen ik photoshop ontdekte was het hek helemaal van de dam.
Ik had opeens de techniek in handen om iets moois te maken, in ieder geval iets wat ik zelf mooi vond.
Het bewerken van foto's is natuurlijk voortborduren op schoonheid die er al is, maar doordat ik allerlei aspecten kon veranderen of toevoegen, had ik toch het gevoel dat ik aan het schilderen was.

Ik maakte "schilderijen" waar ik zelf blij van werd, die me er op slechte momenten aan herinnerden dat er meer is dan een op hol geslagen wereld.
Ik merkte dat ze een helende werking op me hadden. Ze riepen een glimlach op. Van buiten, maar ook van binnen.
In de Healing Tao is de innerlijke glimlach een manier om jezelf van binnenuit te helen en dat spreekt me aan.
Vandaar dat ik de kaarten "Inner Smile Cards" heb genoemd.

Het feit dat ze nu in een aantal winkels staan, Boekhandel Feijn en de Natuurwinkel, in Alkmaar, is de vervulling van een kleine droom en ik nodig jullie bij deze van harte uit om een kijkje te gaan nemen.


Online bestelling: innersmilecards@gmail.com

A few years ago, when I started to take pictures more regularly, I soon discovered that I liked “to collect” beauty.
I could spend many pleasurable hours watching my favorite photos. And when I discovered Photoshop ‘the fence was out of the dam”, as we say in Dutch; there was an open door for me.
I had suddenly the technology at my disposal to make something beautiful, at least something I personally liked.
Revising and editing photos is of course build on beauty that is already there, but because I could change or add different aspects to it, I had the feeling that I was painting.

I made "paintings" which made me feel happy, which at bad times reminded me that there is more than a run-beaten world.
I noticed they had a healing effect on me. They would bring a smile to my face. Outwardly, but also from within.
In the Healing Tao, the inner smile is a way to heal your own self from within and it appeals to me.
Therefore I called the postcards: "Inner Smile Cards".

The fact that they are now for sale in a few stores, Bookstore Feijn and the Nature Shop in Alkmaar, is the fulfillment of a little dream.

I invite you to go and have a look, also online:


Online order: innersmilecards@gmail.com
Mireille Monteils

Monteils (born in Nimes, France)

Since early age danced passionately classic ballet. A car accident, at the age of 18, brought an end to her life’s dream of becoming a ballerina; a severe toe injury prevented her to dance on ‘pointe’ ever again. Her dance teacher advised her to attend Dramatic Art School what she did for several years. And the dance… she has been practicing tap-dancing and modern jazz since two decades!!

She has yet another passion; she has always been attracted by pictures.
As far as she can remember, she never went out without a camera in her pocket! Capturing the magical moments nature can offer us became a daily obsession. She started by cats under her mother’s positive influence, encouraged by her to focus on the versatile aspects of this feline. She then made up her mind to get her eyes wide open to a deeper look into nature, stones, flowers, insects, the cosmos and its fantastic power and impact. Photography is just an extra hobby in the life of the English teacher she actually is. But lately she has been invited to attend and participate in exhibitions, though she realizes the simplicity of her ‘clichés’…
With sobriety, she enjoys sharing her pleasure by showing life’s treasuring moments, places and animals.
Marga Rol

Marga Rol (1956)

Groeide op in Amsterdam waar zij opgeleid werd tot Art director/illustrator. Schilderen was dat wat zij het liefste deed maar een auto ongeluk op haar 21ste maakte op dat moment een einde aan haar wens om kunstenaar te mogen worden.
Na een aantal jaren gewerkt te hebben in de Amsterdamse reclamewereld stopt ze met haar baan en verhuist met haar gezin naar haar geboorteplaats Alkmaar. Daar begint ze alsnog met de studie, zelf-studie want studeren aan een kunst academie is uitgesloten.

Haar gezondheid gaat met de jaren achteruit door nog een ongeluk en altijd ziek zijn. Als zij ten einde raad is en bijna niet meer lopen kan van de pijnen komt ze in aanraking met Reiki. Door Reiki te beoefenen breekt er een tijd aan van genezing en diepe transformatie. Na jaren blijkt Marga een medium en schilderend sjamaan te zijn die altijd al plekken en huizen heeft geholpen op weg naar een mooiere toekomst. Reiki & spiritueel centrum TAOH is het gevolg; het is een combinatie van een Reiki praktijk en spirituele begeleiding van mensen. Tevens werkt zij als "huis healer".

De expositie ‘Red roses from a blue lady’ schildert zij als het 5 eeuwen oude pand "De zwarte Cat" waar zij met haar man woont verkocht wordt en zij een zwerftocht langs diverse boerderijen en huizen begint. Dit allemaal, zo blijkt later om te leren wie zij is.

De schilderijen die vervaardigd worden staan nooit los van de plaatsen waar ze geschilderd zijn. En zo reist zij van de ene naar de andere plaats om een mooiere wereld achter te laten.

Voor informatie en prijzen zie: http://www.margarol.exto.nl
Voor informatie over TAOH zie: http://www.a-reiki-taoh.nl

Marga Rol (1956)

Grew up in Amsterdam where she studied for art director / illustrator. Painting was on top of her preferences, but a car accident when she was 21 years old brought an end to her desire to be an artist.
After several years working in the Amsterdam’s advertising world she quits her job and moves with her family to her hometown, Alkmaar. There she starts her studies again, this time a self-study because a study at the Art Academy is out of question.

Her health goes backwards through the years because of a yet another accident and permanent illness. When she is totally desperate and can hardly walk because of the pain, she comes in contact with Reiki. By practicing Reiki, there comes a time of deep healing and transformation. After some years Marga turns to be a painting medium and shaman that has always helped places and houses towards a brighter future. Reiki & Spiritual Center TAOH is a consequence of that; it’s a combination of a Reiki practice and a spiritual guidance of people. Marga is also a "house healer".

The paintings from the exhibition "Red roses from a blue lady” were made when the 5 centuries old building "Black Cat" where she lived with her husband was sold and she begun roaming through several farms and houses. All this, as it turns out later, to learn who she is.

The paintings that she makes are never separate from the places where she paints them. And so she travels from one place to another in order to let a better world behind.

For information and prices, see: http://www.margarol.exto.nl
For information about TAOH, see: http://www.a-reiki-taoh.nl